2017-2019 Verrocchio Putto - A long term maintenance campaign

The Mircea Maria Gerard Banner on-site
Dearest donors,
thanks to your generous contributions the MMGFund has signed a three-year agreement with the city town hall of Florence to undertake maintenance treatments on our beloved fountain of the Putto with Dolphin. The need for a maintenance campaign is necessary because of an excessive algae proliferation. One of the main reasons for the growth of these microorganisms is due to the fact that the water running through the fountain is not treated.  In the 1930’s, a closed water cleaning system connected the small Putto fountain inside the courtyard of Palazzo Vecchio with the much larger and impressive Neptune located in the piazza della Signoria. This filtrated closed-circuit water system was shut down during World War II and forgotten about, that is, until it was rediscovered during the 2016 conservation campaign undertaken with the help of Mircea.
In view of the current conservation treatments underway on the Neptune, the city town hall has decided to restore the closed circuit filtered system. Soon the mighty Neptune will be sharing its waters with our petite Putto and Dolphin and the proliferation of algae and other organisms will be curbed. Until that happens, we have agreed to monitor the fountain and intervene with a cleaning campaign twice a year for three years, which is the amount of time required to replace the filtering circuit.
This week we have finished the second cleaning campaign which saw two members from the Associazione Bastioni hands-on, Chiara Piani and Ilaria Masini, as well as the help of two conservation/restoration students from the Studio Arts College International (SACI) conservation programme; Caroline Shaver and Kayla Metelenis. The event appeared in the local papers and was much publicized.
We shall soon be posting a video about our long-term maintenance campaign, until then, here are a few photographs.

Ilaria Masini, Kayla Meletenis and Caroline Shaver removing algae from the fountain steps.

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