IGIIC Lo Stato dell'Arte MMGFund/Bastioni

Lo Stato dell’Arte 2016 - State of the Arts 2015

Conservation and restoration conference organized by the Italian Group of the International Institute of Conservation; IGIIC.  
Venue: Academy of Fine Arts, Aquila, Italy.  
Date: 20-22 October 2016.

For the past 14 years the IIC Italian Group have organized a yearly conference on the state of the arts with a focus on conservation and restoration. Renowned for being the most important venue where professionals discuss and present topics related with the conservation and restoration of our national heritage, the state of the arts conference is also the most important platform for students emerging into the profession. As a way to foment student participation the IGIIC organizers offer a prestigious prize for the best thesis on conservation and restoration, encouraging students to present their research material to an appointed scientific committee.

The State of the Arts conference is held every year in a different Italian city, motivating students and professionals to travel and discover Italy’s historical diversity. The IGIIC conferences are traditionally hosted by the local Academy of Fine Arts, currently running a five-year graduate programme in conservation and restoration.

Since 2014, the Associazione Bastioni has been actively involved in finding funds to cover student travelling and registration expenses. Students enrolled in the academy that hosted the previous year’s IGIIC conference are invited to access the stipend and attend the conference at the academy hosting the current year’s event. Students who want to access these funds write a paper that is graded by their professors. Those who achieve the best grades are granted the stipend. The four students who will be attending the 2016 conference with the MMGFund/Bastioni stipend will also be required to write an article about the conference with the possibility of publishing it.

Please click here to visit the site of the Accademia di Brera, Milano, Italy.

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